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HPOF Questions

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I have bought a 1980 Cadillac that I think will be good candidate for the HPOF class but I have a couple of concerns.


1.  It has a bright red Optima battery in it.  While it is similar to what I think should be in it, it is bright red.

2. What is the rule about replacing R 12 with R 134.  This car has been converted and everything looks the same under the hood except for the fill( gauge) connections are different.

3. Radio has been replaced along with all the speakers.. is that 1 deduction or 2 ?


Thanks for any answers, I am looking forward to driving the car to Auburn.


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Can you get another battery for shows only?  Then put the Optima back in when you are driving it around, etc?  That would save one point.

As for the AC - I'm not sure that you would be deducted for that since the components are all the same, correct?  

Radio - Do you have the stock components to put back into the car or is this a customer stereo installation?  

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