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1 hour ago, Hudsy Wudsy said:

All neat cars, but I wonder how well a 226 CI flathead moves these heavy bodies.

Adequate, though no performance cars by any means, not unlike many of its contemporaries on the road then.  The best reason to own a 1949-'50 Kaiser Virginian or 1951 Frazer Manhattan is the low-production, series-custom, hand-built, luxurious, pioneering four door hardtop body style.  Notwithstanding the fixed window frames and framed glass B-pillar, the body is structurally a B-pillarless four door hardtop five model years before the 1955 Oldsmobile and Buicks in that popular new style.  The Kaiser-Frazer models are the most expensive in the line other than the even rarer convertible sedans which share much of the body structure.    At $2,995 list price for a 1949-'50 Kaiser Virginian, it was playing in some pretty heady price territory: Cadillac Series 61 four door sedan, $2,893; Series 62 four door sedan, $3,050.  One had to be a hard-core Kaiser-Frazer loyalist to buy a Virginian... 

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