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‘50 Windsor 2- DR 4-sale What do you think?

haywire 440

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This Windsor has supposedly all the trim, rebuilt engine, glass looks good, fluid drive and a pretty solid body. Passenger door needs straightening. Asking $3500 and I’m wondering what to lookout for. I’ve read here about using the fluid drive trans and how the brakes are “special” to get set correctly. Thanks





The steering wheel is nice and the owner paid $500 for it, sorry no photos of it. Also there are fiberglass rear tire covers (I done forgot what’s you call them?). More photos.




Just a few more












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Those 1949-'54 Mopars turn up on a regular basis, they have a high survival rate.   Your best gambit is to buy the best one you can find for the money and not sink a fortune into it, just maintain and enjoy it.  Check the "Not Mine" sections of cars and parts for sale here, you will find many good examples for less that $10K that are far better than that '50 Windsor club coupe.


BTW, where are you located and what's a reasonable distance to source a car for you?

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Hello "haywire 440", 


Not sure of your budget or location, but here, for comparison, is  a 1950 Chrysler Windsor Newport 2-door Hardtop located in North Salinas, California posted on Craigslist. Seller states car is "100% Original and Complete" and describes car as an "Exceptional Survivor That Runs, Drives, and Looks Excellent." Price is $12,500.  Pictures are not the best.


The ad is posted in its entirety in the "Not Mine" Forum:  https://forums.aaca.org/topic/361415-for-sale-1950-chrysler-windsor-newport-2dr-hardtop-100-original-complete-north-salinas-ca-not-mine/?tab=comments#comment-2204461


Good luck with your search!  Please keep us posted.






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   All great insight and advice. This vehicle is located south of Mena Arkansas off Hwy 71 on cemetery road. I ran across it while exploring some “off the main roads” roads. I’ve added the contact info because I will take a pass and the fellow said I could. He even said his two young sons were driving it around, when the tires were good, and they had that sh!t eating grin that is priceless. 1912Staver good comments on the glass, I didn’t think of that! 
    I’m more of a looker for cars, I have a couple of runners two ‘68 Plymouth’s. 

    On another note in the same area of Arkansas I know of 2 Supercharged Grahams a ‘35 & ‘36, I believe, that need restoration.

     I travel from Illinois to Arkansas a lot. You could call me a “swivel head”.




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That car is saveable, and it is the somewhat uncommon coupe. The general rule of thumb, however, is that the more affordable the make and era of collector car, the less sense it makes to buy one that needs to be refurbished or restored. Corvairs, VW Beetles and early fifties Mopars are all very cool, but the extra 5 grand it takes to get a presentable one beats the heck out of the extra 10-15 grand it takes to restore one.

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