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1986-93 Riviera Wanted

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I was contacted by a photographer for Collectible Automobile Magazine last night and he's been asked to locate and photograph a 1986-93 Riviera for the magazine in the Vancouver, BC area.  I checked through the BCA Roster and there are none registered around here, so wanted to put the word out to the ROA forum to see if there are any local "ish" owners that want to have their car photographed.  Please let me know and I'll get you in touch with the photographer.


Thanks very much,

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Would he accept pictures that he didn’t take?  I have a totally original well equipped 1990 with the gold package and a sunroof.

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I'll have to ask him, although being a photographer, I would think he is only paid if he takes the pictures 😁


I'll wait a bit longer for responses for any local cars, and if none, I'll pass along  your offer.  



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