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Good morning all

I have been researching family history and have this photo - could this be a Dodge? I am unsure of the year but maybe around the 1920/1930/1940 era

Any information would be fantastic! 

Many thanks



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It has a 'chummy roadster' style body, and also has ten spoke front wheels. That will limit the possible makes.


Not Dodge but I am not sure yet just what it is.


The date of the car is most likely late teens.

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Something very similar looking posted on a facebook page today. 


This one has been identified as a 1917-18 Jones 6 Five Passenger Practical Roadster - built in Wichita, Kansas.


It is not the same as the mystery car here - note different hubs and front wheels, and bonnet louvres.


Just illustrates there were quite a few makers that used that body style. 


No photo description available.

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Here's a Elcar and a Laurel automobile, also with that distinctive "Clover-leaf" type body. The lack of rear doors necessitated the back passengers entering through a gap between the front two "bucket" seats, or over the side "Duke boys" style! (although, now that I've posted this, I can see the Elcar has rear doors!)



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