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Congratulations @Schmiddy and others (Klaus too) on standing up ROA - Europe! Wishing our brother and sister Riviera Owners in Europe a safe and successful 2021 Riviera meet and organization! Eric, We expect a full article in The Riview after your meet! 👍🙏😉 

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Thank you, Mike, so nice and I really appreciate your post!

We are a team of 4 people on the organizing committee and everyone brings their own skills to organize a cool meeting in Wolfsburg. My part is the "visible" part with the visual communication (Logo, Facebook-Site, T-Shirt designs etc.)... But Rudi and Trond work more in the background and have organized everything with the hotel, program, clarifications with the local authorities, registration form, etc. wich I think, is the bigger part! 😉 
Trond is the chairman for the ROA Europe and he was the one who came up with the idea of a European meeting and Ray contacted us... Rudi, Klaus and I were so enthusiastic about the idea that we found - let's do this! 💪😜

We cross our fingers so that we can actually do this meeting the way we planed it. It's currently a bit difficult to say with the German Corona guidelines... but we hope the best! If not this year, then the next! 

Sure, we will post all the pics on Facebook, Flikr (an others like Instagram, etc.) and I hope, we will also have the place for an article in the Riview - Ray will decide about that. 😉  

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