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1931 model 57 project or parts car, near Ft. Worth, TX

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Not mine and all I know is what's in these photos and this posting. A member of our N. TX. Chapter is helping a friend sell his 1931 Buick model 57 4-dr. sedan. Car is a project, located in Watauga, Texas (Ft. Worth suburb), under a carport. It has a Chevy six-cylinder engine in it (yes, I know, spare me the outrage and comments), but the original straight eight is there and goes with it. Has not run in several years (either engine); needs some wood work, needs paint, in fact it looks like it needs everything, but I"m told that virtually any offer will take it. Has side-mounts and wire wheels. You take all or nothing--not being parted out. I believe it's a storage/impending move situation.

Contact John Velde, who is a friend of the computer-challenged owner. johnvelde2@gmail.com












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Buenos días: Si cambia de opinión y lo vende por piezas, estoy interesado en comprar todo el volante con lo que lleva interiormente hasta la parte baja inclusive mas todos los relojes del cuadro de mandos.

Tengo un Buick X8-95 phaeton de 1931, descapotable, volante a la derecha y siete plazas (asientos). Está restaurado completamente pero la parte del centro ( me parece que es llave de luces, claxon y avance, no es la suya).



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Here is the translation:

Good morning: If you change your mind and sell it by parts, I am interested in buying the entire steering wheel with what it carries inside to the bottom even plus all the clocks on the dashboard.

I have a 1931 Buick X8-95 phaeton, convertible, right hand drive, seven seater (seats). It is completely restored but the center part (it seems to me that it is a light switch, horn and advance, it is not yours).


I replied to Mr. Perez that the seller is interested in someone buying the entire lot with plans to restore the car to original, not chop it or make a rat rod or hot rod. Don't know if that is realistic, but it is what he has told me.


John V.

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Personally this sounds like a great fun project if the price is truly "make offer."  Considering the work needed to extract it, move it and grab the engine and move it etc, I think $500 to $1000 is fair.  I am always considered on the cheap side but a buyer is doing everyone a major solid by the work needed to move and save it.  Personally, I don't care for these situations because there were likely a lot of offers to buy it over the years and probably all declined.  And now it's an emergency to get it moved.  


Lucky you guys living in Texas who can buy this one.  Straight 8 with dual sidemounts, even if it's a 4 door this would be impressive restored and with a low cost starting point, just take your time and learn the restoration hobby side of things.  

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John, we're interested in this vehicle since we have a 31 Buick 50 series already.  Please let me know how you'd like us to proceed.  enjoyed visiting with you today at the race track putting out the tiles.




Linda and Jerry Smith


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Hi Jerry, it was a good day at the TMS, but windy and cold starting out.  Great that you are interested in the '31, his comments to me lead me to think he will sell this car for $1,000 or less, including spare parts and the original engine.  Give him a call and see what you can work out that benefits you both.

Best of luck,

John V.


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