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1930 Chrysler Stromberg DX3

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I can’t remember seeing a late series Strongberg with a factory adjustable jet.........Carbking, please chime in. Thinking a DX3 is late 30’s correct?

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The Stromberg DX-3 were for yes the 1930 Model 70's and the early 1931 CD-8s'. The 1931 De Luxe CD-8 used the DXC-3.


 They are an early downdraft Stromberg and often replaced. I have a Stromberg BXV-3 in my De Luxe CD-8.


Is the number 4 Main Metering Jet what you have the question about?


Kurt M




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1 hour ago, Tim Wolfe said:

yes #4 , I have an adjustable main jet that was in a DX3 when I bought it.


From the diagram, it was a fixed jet. It’s my experience that adjustable main jets are installed because people can’t fix a fundamental problem......so they use it for a band aide.

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I have 2 DX3's with adjustable jets. Many carburetors had adjustable main jets, some for gas differences and some to support cars used in high altitudes. This was the first downdraft carburetor used by Chrysler (late 1929) and the main jet was possibly sized by design for average use and not by a long test procedure. Therefore, adjustable jets may have been supplied at a later date for compensation.

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ALL of the O.E. DX-3 Strombergs were equipped with fixed metering jets.


Stromberg evidently had some left over DX-3 carbs, for which they cast a smaller venturi, and sold as aftermarket only with an adjustable metering jet (for Oakland). I guess they figured even the D series Stromberg was superior to the Marvel ;)


Stromberg DX-3's were used as factory equipment on some automobiles from 1929 ~ 1931.


By 1932, the only factory application were a few G.M.C.'s. G.M.C. discontinued the DX-3 after the 1934 model year.


In the "for what its worth" category, the Stromberg "D" series carbs (DX-2, DX-3, DXC-3, DXR-3, and the two-barrel DD-3 and DDR-3) were basically updraft technology sitting ON TOP of the intake manifold. Design was poor, which Stromberg admitted. Stromberg offered the newer "E" series carbs for all of the applications originally using the "D" series.


Personally, the only way I would have a Stromberg "D" series on ANYTHING would be an absolute show car that was never driven!


There was a really GOOD reason that Stromberg offered replacement "E" series carbs to replace the "D" series!


Oh, and the adjustable metering jet used in the aftermarket DX-3 was part number P-12802, lifted from the SF series.



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Thanks Jon for the information. My car is a show car and I try to keep it original. I knew the DX3 had a fixed main jet, but I bought a parts carburetor and it had the adjustable jet and I was curious. The main jet on my show car is a fixed .062", correct for a 218.6 engine? 

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