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The Bliss was one of several "recreations" representing a sort-of CDO (or similar).  They were largely assembled using simple hardware store bits and pieces, with perhaps a little added fabrication.   If you have some literature on it, and the opportunity to look at some good photos of others, you might find it easier than you think to get any missing or damaged parts replaced.  Perhaps some other owners will chime in with offers of assistance in sourcing items you need.


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The Bliss was a CDO recreation and has a devoted group of owners as it was the sturdiest of all the CDO recreations made over three decades.  I am pretty sure we have info here in our library on the Bliss and I see from time to time original literature or copies come up for sale.  If you are looking for the fake lamps, etc that is going to be pretty difficult.  If you are looking simply to make the car look close to the original then you have some options.  Very simple car overall.  I have the smallest motorized version of the CDO and I simply used a real set of small Neverouts as sidelamps instead of the fake cast ones. You should not have a huge issue getting the Bliss back on the road. 

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