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1920 HCS Series 2 Touring Car (Harry C. Stutz)

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Up for auction is Very Rare 1920 HCS Touring car was built by Henry C Stutz. When Stutz brothers separated their car business Henry Stutz had built 3000 of these cars. This car was restored back in 1970 and was brought up to Central Oregon. The car was discovered about three years ago in the barn and it was brought back to life. This is 101 years old car and this old car runs good for the age. I did not drive this car on freeways only drove the car on neighborhood streets. This is a three-speed manual transmission, when you shift from 1st to 2nd and 2nd to 3rd you have to double clutch it otherwise it will grind. I was told from a classic mechanic shop that is normal. This is a very rare opportunity to purchase one of the most beautiful American jewels. If you need additional pictures or videos just let me know and I will be happy to send more information or respond on any questions. 


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Thanks, Al.  It's really interesting to see the 

unusual makes and models.


This very car was for sale around 2010, when

I was looking for a pre-war car.  I know it's the

same, because the license plate is unchanged.

I think it was even listed here on our AACA forum

by the owner.  I recall it was in Oregon, though the

license plate says California.  Now the Ebay

listing says it's in Washington state.  Here are a few

pictures from that c. 2010 offering:


1920 HCS Touring car-1.jpg

1920 HCS Touring car-2.jpg

1920 HCS Touring car-3.jpg

1920 HCS Touring car-4.jpg

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2 minutes ago, John_S_in_Penna said:

I see that the auction ended April 13, and the

winning bid was $35,000. 


Do forum members feel that was realistic?


yes.   1920 is between the Brass era and the Classic era and tends to get left behind a bit.   An HCS is NOT a Stutz from a collectible standpoint and they don't bring the same money. 

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