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NOS Comer Auto Stop Signal for sale


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Here is a wonderful accessory stop signal.  NOS , this really unique semaphore type tail light can be a wonderful addition to your early auto.  Patented 1914 , this Comer Auto Stop Signal was made and sold in Cleveland, Ohio included is a wonderful cut sheet advertising for the unit. Complete unit along with the activating mechanism. Easy to mount and no modifications are required to your auto. Easily removed at any time. Ready to enjoy.   Works as shown, and have the joy of owning and using this amazing survivor for the first time in over 100 years.  $1500 ppd tmorsher@icloud.com to reach me for any more information or lots more pictures. Always glad to take easy payments to make it yours.   Thanks, Tim 








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22 hours ago, Dropacent said:

The patent shows a later version that attaches to windshield.  


Does it come with all the attachments (cables and pedal hardware) in these two  drawings?

Or is it exclusively just the unit that attaches to the rear of car... 


If so, can you show electrical connectors? 


Very nice piece btw.. thanks for posting it.









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If you email me at tmorsher@icloud.com I can give you lot of pictures.  It’s the complete tailamp unit and the operating cable along with cable mounting bracket and operating lever.   The long wire attached is the power wire.      Again, tmorsher@icloud.com for pics.     We have been unable to find patent drawings for the 1914 unit that I have.  

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