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1932 Studebaker Commander (?) - looking for details and specs on this car

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I am thinking about buying a 1932 Studebaker Coupe offered locally in Europe/Austria to add it to my collection. I will inspect the car by end of next week.

The car is offered as a 1932 Commander Series Eight Regal?
The engine is described as a 4100 ccm / 250 cui straight eight with 102 BHP.
I found an older advert where the car was offered as a president?
I will continue my search.
I am attaching the few pictures I received so far.

It would be great to get some details from the Studebaker experts! Is it a Dictator, a Commander, a President? Is the engine correct?
Maybe someone knows the car?
Any expertise would be higly welcome!

Thank you for your support!

Best regards,

1932 Studebaker 1.jpg

1932 Studebaker 2.jpg

1932 Studebaker 3.jpg

1932 Studebaker 4.jpg

1932 Studebaker 5.jpg

1932 Studebaker 6.jpg

1932 Studebaker 7.jpg

1932 Studebaker 8.jpg

1932 Studebaker 9.jpg

1932 Studebaker 10.jpg

1932 Studebaker 11.jpg

1932 Studebaker 12.jpg

1932 Studebaker 13.jpg

1932 Studebaker 14.jpg

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It's not a President that is for sure. There is only one of them and that's not it. What is the wheelbase of the car you are looking at? The tail of the tape should tell the story. If the WB is 117" its a Dictator, if WB is 125" it's a commander, if it were a President, which it's not, it would have a WB of 135." It looks right to be a commander, but a simple measurement will answer the question. It's rare for sure, I wouldn't want to put a number on the survival rate, but realistically only a small hand full have survived.

You are not going to get much definitive information from this forum. Most of us pre-war fans spend our time on the AACA forum, or don't use social media at all. try the AACA for, Studebaker section. Someone may recognize the car.

Also Roy Asbahr's beautiful 1932 Dictator in Oregon was highlighted by Hemming's some time ago. I've included a link so you can compare.



These are my comments from the SDC forum. I included them so anyone responding will understands what the gentleman has been told.

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Comparing the two cars - the red coupe here and the Dictator coupe in the Hemmings article I think there is little doubt the red car is a Commander - 




Note the different placements of the side mounted spare. It is odd though that the red car's spare overlaps the door. Or is it just the angle from which the photo was taken?


The Dictator's door is shorter as well. The whole car looks kind of  'cramped'.


See the source image



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Yes, the car is a Commander. Have just about every piece of literature Studebaker ever issued on it including the prestige color catalog attached, service information, factory publicity photos, tune up data and more. Attaching a photo of an identical car belonging to Paul Wichterman in Pennsylvania along with other pertinent data. Incidentally the tail light on the car is not correct, it should be oval. Also the rear bumper should be full width, those bumperettes are for a rear mounted spare car.32 comm cpe color copy.jpg

32 commander specs.jpg

32 comm cpe wichterman email.jpg

32 comm specs.jpg

32 mech details all models2.jpg

32 models letter1 copy.jpg

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Dear All, 


thank you very much for your answers and the information provided.

Very useful and clarifying!

I will post more pictures and details after inspecting the car next Friday.


Two more questions: 

- How about parts availability? Are there any sources? I already own a 1931 Stutz, a 1934 Auburn, a 1939 Lincoln Model K and some others. So I am aware of the challenges I might be facing 😥. My cars are no "trailer queens". I use to drive them, sometimes under hard conditions when attending rally's in the Austrian Alps.

- What would be the value / price for a similar "good" (I assume it will be condition # 2-3) car in the US?


Best regards,



PS. Some pictures when driving my cars - in case anyone is interested in:




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Hello again, 


I inspected the car some days ago. 

I am attaching a picture of the body plate. 

Wheelbase is 125" -> Commander.


The car has been fully restored in 2018-2019 and driven barely afterwards.

Quality of the restoration is very nice. Overall I would say it´s a condition #2+ car.

Bare metal repaint, new floors, engine and all mechanics rebuilt, new wiring, etc. 

There are some non-period correct repairs and upgrades for drivability and safety. Electronic ignition (original parts available), switchboard with fuse box for startix and more installed under the dash. Heater pipes / fittings and re-manufactured air filter in stainless steel. Taillights are wrong (not oval).

Split rear bumper is correct with the luggage rack. (referring to an earlier comment from studeq)

Engine is starting and running excellent. No smoke at all, good compression. 


I will have a test drive on Thursday next week (there was still snow and salt on the roads when inspecting the car 2 weeks ago).

I will probably buy the car and bring it to my garage on Friday.


Asking price is USD 55.000,-. I think that's reasonable / fair?


Best regards,



1932 Studebaker Body Tag.jpg

1932 Studebaker Rear Bumpers.jpg

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