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For Sale over priced Packard tail lamp


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For Sale one hard to find,extremely rare,(unless you go looking) Parkhard rear tail light,not to be confused with the more common front tail light!


I believe it is for a 1929,by that I meen 1930 or 1931, and off higher end model,in contrast to something lesser.


Offered as removed from a lowly 1928 Hups-Mobile some time in the past.How dare they!


It has the perfect patina dings right where you want them most..One right on top on maker stamp and the perfect dig on the face bezel to the right of the red center lense,which is genuine red,not the fake stuff!

 There maybe a minor missed ding some place to complete the detail.


Spotty original ,dirty stained chromium plate will clean up some for that slightly better preserved patina look for the original car or for the cheapskate who won't spend on a pricey over restoration.


The license plate lense shows plenty of interior silt from the dirt roads of the depression while traveling down to Florida from New England when wizzing through the small shanty towns built of tin ,crates and a few Tin Lizzy cars.


We have not opened it up..That would cost extra,and we are searching for a 3 contact plug socket in the scrap electrical safe.


Delusional parties may inquire absolutely free of charge! 


One available at the outrageous bargain price of $750.00 each!

Or buy just one ,for only $750.00.


Prices subject to change due to boredom , whimsy or increasing fuel or shaving soap costs.




2 pic


3 pic


Forth pic


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