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What years was this carburetor used?

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My 31 Buick was changed over from the updraft carburetor to use this downdraft carburetor, I'll continue to use it until I, if I ever locate an original carburetor setup, but in the meantime I'm going to continue using this one because it started and ran great and gave absolutely no problems.


Can anyone tell me what years used this so I can order a rebuild kit? I like to maybe also try to find an original air filter housing used on it and get rid of the one it had.


Thanks, John


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Do you see any numbers on the front of the top plate, or on the front of the bowl near the top. Also, does your carb have a four-bolt base (where the carb attaches to to the manifold)? John

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If you can find the stamped identification number, a kit should be no problem. Also, can furnish the 1931 8-64 carb, but not the heat riser.



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