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Frost plug in thermostat housing

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Put a frost plug in the thermostat housing today. While drilling the hole, the plug came loose. After drilling the hole, tapped it back in using a socket but was able to push it out with a pencil. Installed again with a few good blows with a hammer and socket, managed to twist it a little and now seems to be snugged in. I was wondering if I should try a few spots of JB Weld or something to make sure it doesn’t fall out. It is a 1 1/2 inch frost plug. 

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I drilled a 5/16 inch hole in the center of the plug. I’ve read that some drill a 1/4 “ hole. I really don’t think a 1/16th of an inch could make any noticeable difference. I cleaned the bolt holes in the block really good before mounting the pump and the thermostat housing. Also used tight fitting brass washers in place of lock washers.  I also used thread seal on the bolts account they enter the water jacket. 

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