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1933 Series 50 Buick Parts needed!!

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Hi Everyone. 

I am restoring a beautifull series %0 Buick from 1933 found in a scrapyard in South America. There is one part that we cant seem to find anywhere. We need the Oil Pump that  is the only part missing for our engine rebuild. Please if someone has one for sale let me know!

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Hi kevin33 ! 
Warm welcome to you ! Are you and the car still in South America ?  And yes, posting under Buick Pre-War will almost certainly find your oil pump. And please stay in touch, now that you have become one of us. Good way to hang in here with us is to post pictures once in a while. Saves having to type thousands of words. I am particularly glad that you have joined us, as the first car I ever rode in almost 77 years ago, (I was born on Argentine Independence Day, 1944), was a ‘33 Buick. No matter how hard I try, I can’t remember that ride, but I do have dim distant memories of a couple rides in it 3 or so years later.     -    Carl 

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