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Specs for 1929 Overland Whippet 96 Coach

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I'm not hugely active on the forum, but I've previously posted a bit under Buick when our museum recently purchased a 1908 Buick Model 10.
However, we've also had a 1929 Overland Whippet 96 Coach in our collection for quite some years.  I'm currently in the process of writing new spec. sheets and descriptions for all our cars, and I must humbly confess that the Whippet is not a model I know a whole lot about.


For starters, does anyone know the total production number of the Whippet from 1927 to 1931?
And is it true that there was a 6-cylinder Whippet as well, or were they all 4-cylinder?


THx in advance...


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Hi 02Anders,

I have a 28' Whippet Cabriolet Model 96.

There was a 6 cyl. model and it would have been a Model 98.

If you can post a few photos, I can better help you with identification.  Here's a little info that could help.....


If your Whippet is a 1929, it is a Model 96A. I'm attaching a document that has the production info and where to find the serial # for your car.

The engine serial number should be on the passenger side of the engine and is located near where the head and block join. There should be a small machined area that will be stamped 96XXXXX or 96Axxxxx . The sheet below gives you many different place to look for the chassis number. I would first look for a tag under the front seat, passenger side.


Depending on what info you want, you may ask me or you can log into the WOKR website to look through our library. You would just need to register as a non-member and you could have full access to the public forum and the library.

We have a Photo Gallery that I'm sure you would enjoy. My Cabriolet is actually in the Photo Gallery.


I am active in the Willys-Overland-Knight-Registry club and I am the WOKR Forum Adm. Moderator and would be happy to assist you in any way.


On a side note, where is your museum in Copenhagen? I've been to Copenhagen a few times but have never been to your museum.

My wife and I have been to most of the tourist spots (of course) and driven to Malmo and to Kalmar, Sweden (from Copenhagen) to see the Kingdom of Crystal.

When it is safe to travel again, we'll be back.


Stay safe






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