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1964 LeSabre power brake info


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I am converting from MANUAL brakes to POWER. Do I need to change the brake pedal and mount?? The pin size is different for manual(it is a larger pin) for the manual hookup than with a power booster--and the pins are in different locations.  I tried replacing the current pin on mine with a smaller pin and it does not work. However the pedal I located on E-Bay looks to be the same--but the pin is smaller (the correct size for the booster connection) and lower on the arm than on  mine.

     What I really need to know is there a difference and do I need to change out my pedal and mount in order to have power brakes???

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I've only experience with a 65 Skylark on this- I can look at my 64 LeSabre later 

but on the Skylark pedal there were 2 holes...it has manual brakes 

and they were terrible in the power brake hole.  The manual position provides extra leverage.

I guess you need a measurement on a power brake pedal then you could drill a new hole.

Or get the one on ebay and change it out, either way it is going to require pulling the pedal out.

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Thanks Ted:

     I have discovered the pedals are in fact different. I ended up purchasing a used pedal for power brakes and re-did the firewall to match. Thanks for the info---the manual pedal is the wrong geometry for the power--and it will  NOT work. A typical project that blossomed into a major project--much more than originally thought.

           Again thanks--I think I have my issue now under control.


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