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39 minutes ago, Ed Luddy said:

The 1965-68 Canadian Parisienne uses the Catalina body shell, not the longer Bonneville

I didn't say Bonneville. I said;



"The car above is based on either a Catalina or 7" longer Bonneville."


 I said that because I didn't know for sure what the Canadian cars were using. But I did know for sure they weren't using the G/P body.

BTW, both Catalina and Bonneville are "B" body cars and all the length of the Bonneville is in the trunk. The roof canopies are the same and the interior space is the same 

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46 minutes ago, Ed Luddy said:

This is a US Wide Track Bonneville I drove yesterday and today to check over for a friend of mine. Much different car than the 1966 Canadian Grand Parisienne. These are a longer car, more akin to a Buick/ Olds.

may26 042.jpg

may26 045.jpg

A "B" body Bonneville- Catalina- Grand Prix, Related to Olds 88 or Dynamic 88, Buick LeSabre are all "B" bodies.

The Olds 98 and Buick Electra- Electra 225 are "C" bodies along with Cadillac deVille series in the above picture years of cars


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4 hours ago, Ed Luddy said:

Same front end treatment as USA Grand Prix.

may26 121.jpg

Not exactly, the Canadian cars are badged Pontiac, a U.S. badged Grand Prix is badged GP 

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