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I am looking for several pieces of sidemount gate type shifter pieces that I can use to build a set from.  Check out your spares and drop me a note if you have anything. Pictures are good


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Hello,  I am downsizing while I'm still alive. ( much easier)  Attached are shifter parts  from a 1914 Cadillac .  The  left lever is the  handbrake.  The yellow parts came together and are the shifter gate and arm. Life is Good.  Don in Ohio


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Hello Al,  We  exchanged  E-mail in 3/19 when I started looking for parts to build a Vanderbuilt style early car. I am now almost finished and looking for a new project.  Please notice I edited the picture I posted of the shifter parts.  I am looking to get $150 for all 3 pieces.  My project was built on a 1914 Cadillac chassis  I bought it  from a  local person who  has quite  a few extra parts.  My project is powered by a 36 volt golf cart rear axle and is chain drive.  The radiator shell is 1916 Studebaker, hood 1924 Hudson and the cowl is 1928 Plymouth.  All the sheet metal was reformed to meld together. It is the ideal parade car, creeps along , no clutch and won"t overheat.  Think Spring.   Don



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