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Paint Spray Guns - HVLP versus LVLP


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Been painting cars as a hobbyist for years. Early on using a Binks Model 16, then switching to HVLP (high volume low pressure). Now thinking of getting an LVLP (low volume low pressure).


Supposedly, the advantage of LVLP is that it does a better job than HVLP with clear coat and single-stage paint. Less volume but finer atomization. Takes longer to paint but you can lay down a much glossier finish (before color sanding).


I've heard the advantages of HVLP are in spraying primer/surfacer and base coats.


Thinking of getting an LVLP gun. Has anyone used one? Any comments or recommendations?


I have been spraying acrylic lacquer but may start doing some base coat/clearcoat in the future. Contrary to other members' opinions, I still prefer the look of a well-done lacquer finish. Greater depth and the colors seem warmer.


Plus, there are a lot of good memories associated with the smell of lacquer paint and thinner. 


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In 2001 I bought from Tip a HVLP spray system.  It also put out heated air, so no  water drops. i did two full restorations on 63 Pontiacs and a couple small respray jobs. From epoxy primer to clear coat. Lot of compliments on my paint jobs. But as you know there is the wet sanding and compounding & polish.  Just my 2 cents.

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