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Carter WCD 2-Bbl Pump Relief Valve

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Although my carburetor was rebuilt I continued to have problems with inconsistent accelerator pump shots. I think I finally found the culprit, a small part called a "pump relief valve". The Pontiac shop manual says to "Suck on slotted side of pump relief valve (eight cylinder models) to see that ball is seating air tight". See item #41 in the exploded view.


Mine just won't seat no matter how I soak and clean it. It's not air tight in either direction so a portion of the pump shot can leak by it. I can force it to seat temporarily by pushing a pin from the opposite side but it won't reseat by itself.


Not surprising, this is not a stocked replacement part so I'm in search of a good used one. My Catalina is a '53 8-cyl w/Hydra-matic but these Carter WCD 2-Bbl carbs were widely used throughout the 40s, 50s and even 60s. Anyone have a parts carburetor that can help me out?

Carter WCD Exploded View.jpg

Pump Discharge Relief Valve.jpg

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