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1952 Packard Ambulance, not mine.

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Wow, a beautiful UNTOUCHED Henney Jr.!  


Henney attempted to produce a low priced professional car by using a short wheelbase. In classic fashion their historical build standards were so high that the small car ended up costing as much as a full size professional car to produce.


They had to sell them for less to be competitive and despite losing money on each one they built, they just could not make up the difference in volume.  Henney won the government contract and a large part of the Jr. production went to the military. 


Professional car collectors like them because they fit into a regular garage. 

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Professional cars were infinitely customizable when new because as a business vehicle they need to fit so many different requirements and intents.

Like all procars these Jrs came in three basic forms; hearse (main job to carry a casket) Ambulance (main job to carry a stretcher) combination car (contains hardware to accommodate both a casket or a stretcher) 


The choice of lighting (tunnel lights? yes or no?) windows (ambulance might have more for light) and seat arrangements (the OP car has a military spec folding squad bench) were all up to the original purchaser.


FYI - the military carried their same specifications for their ambulances for decades.

Upon returning from Dallas JFKs casketed body was carried from Andrews to Walter Reed in a 63 Superior Pontiac Air Force ambulance. (It had the same basic interior layout as this Packard). This was a problem because ambulances do not have the tie downs to hold a casket(!) It barely fit.

Nobody knew where or IF Jackie would ride (maybe up front?) Surprising the Secret Service, she climbed in the back. The Pontiac was a long wheelbase and had jump seats (fortunately) If it had been a decade earlier there would have been no extra room for her in the back of a Henney Jr. 

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24 minutes ago, Hudsy Wudsy said:

I recall reading that there have been numerous bogus versions of that Pontiac.

Yes. The Kennedy family had the Pontiac crushed. There are photos of its destruction.

Because Superior sold many identical cars to the military it is easy to make a replica. Especially with the intent of cashing in. 

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