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1931 Buick series 8-64 timing

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Hi, this is my first post to the forum, thanks for adding me.


I have a 1931 series 8-64 Buick roadster that I need help on installing and adjusting the distributor. 20 plus years ago I removed the generator to have the armature rewound and rebuilt and now I'm wanting to get the car up running again. I have no memory as how to time it. (I was lucky enough to have the memory to locate all the parts)


Is there a timing mark on the front pulley or flywheel to time the engine? I see there is a cover plate back by the starter to see the flywheel.


Any help or source is greatly appreciated.


Thank you,


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Yes, there is a timing window (peep hole) on the passenger side of the engine.  Your car has dual points, so if you have changed them in any way, you should google how to set them up.  

Good luck,

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Go to The Motor Bookstore 214-385-4890 and get the specifications and adjustments manual. It will be invaluable to you. Will have all the info you need to install and adjust distributor. 

Best of luck,


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