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This is my 1950 Chrysler Windsor with 13,000 miles

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I found this on Craigslist in New York and had it shipped to me. It has 13,600 miles on it now. It had 12,000 when I bought it. I am getting all new brakes put on it this week. it came with the original tires but the guy I bought it from put new wide whitewall Coker tires on it. The blinker mechanism is not working correctly and I am not sure if I need to replace everything inside or not yet. I don't take it apart because I am about as handy as a screen door on a submarine. Does anyone know where to get a blinker mechanism for a 50 Chrysler? I sent an email to Andy Bernbaum but haven't heard back yet. Also the carpet is getting pretty ragged. Does anyone know who might have front and back carpets for this model? Thanks in advance for any help.


















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Great looking automobile.  Your request for a blinker mechanism is somewhat vague.  There is a flasher unit that normally makes the blinkers work that might be bad.  Do the parking lights light up?  Step one is making sure all four parking lights work and the brake lights work when the brakes are applied.  If the flasher unit is bad it will be an easy fix. 

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I actually found a blinker switch in Washington and they delivered the parts yesterday. The body man is putting them in right now.

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