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1941 President ( and others ? ) OD Reverse lock out rod/ linkage

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I am looking for the rod/ link for a 41 President OD lock out rod .   A friend has a nice 41 Pres, but says he has to use an aftermaket choke cable  (which is failing)  to lock out the OD, in order to find 'Reverse' .


I assume it hooks between the shift linkage and the OD unit,  not sure how many parts are involved or what may be missing. Or was there  simply a  push/ pull OD cable involved on 1941's like later cars?


Any help, pics or knowledge would be helpful. 

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the push pull cable for OD on my '41 is same as on my '59 truck. A properly working OD trans will permit reverse to be used without taking the car out of OD. 

I dont have any details on how it works, sorry. Sam Bilyeu in OR might, as he had his 41 Commander OD rebuilt but has had to lock out OD to back up since, and I believe he has taken the trans back out at least once to try to fix it. I have his # if you need it.

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There is a shaft/pin that runs through the trans case to the od case.  When the trans is put in reverse the gear pushes the pin rearward and disengages the overdrive.  The pin is either missing or damaged.

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