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48 V12 costs?

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V12 motors are what the are.....V12 motors with issues that have plagued them since their inception.  Small pistons limiting compression and horsepower, oiling issues for oil distribution throughout the engine, cooling issues with the added baffles behind the water pumps that helps some.  Those engines are big and very heavy adding to concerns about power and weight distribution.  But setup and running properly they are the period machines we've all become to love in one manner or another.  They sound powerful with their 120 HP or less at times to match the elegance still unmatched from that period of automotive history.  So many were destroyed by rodders who wanted Ford's V8 power plant which was at best only a slight improvement.  My dad who was a Lincoln Mercury mechanic put a V8 in his 1939  3 window coupe as he thought he needed more power too!   Never could find that car as I never had the serial number from back in the day!   So restore any and all of them and let's leave a history for future generations to envy of the times when real automobiles were made and enjoyed!   

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I paid about 5.7K a couple years ago, and thought I got a bargain. Had the crank rear oil slinger ground off to us a Ford seal, reground the cam for solid lifters, and converted to full flow oil filter included.  Price included Melling M-15 oil pump, solid lifters, 8BA valves and one peace guides, new aluminum pistons for .060 bore, etc.  I then assembled.


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