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Franklin headlights


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Have a very nice pair of Franklin headlights....large 12 inch it appears.  Para Beam on lens  little finish loss on stems but buckets are very nice. Says Series 12A on the box so probably 1928.  Make an offer... thanks





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Hello Jo Bo,

 Your lights are indeed 1928 Franklin 12A.

 I see your pictures seem to be of one of the lights... Do you have any side by side pictures?  Any dents in either of them?  

 Are they still with you, and if so, what are you expecting to get for them?

 I'm working (ever so slowly) on my own 1928 Franklin 12A and would be interested in them if I can afford them.  

  Dang....  Restoration of an old cars ain't like it used to be... everything is getting so pricey!

 You can private message me if you feel more comfortable doing that.  

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left out one of my questions and had to add it in.... (see edit history)
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