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Reatta Headlight Switch


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I’m new to the site so please bear with me. I recently inherited a 90 Reatta and she’s in good shape mechanically but trying to solve a few issues. Barney Eaton has helped me with the rebuild of the headlight motors and they work great. The headlight switch needs some help. A computer savvy friend of mine helped me rebuild the switch as it was in pieces when I picked up the car but I don’t think it’s quite right. I read a previous post written by Jim from Duluth who said he rebuilds these and may be able to do an exchange. Does anyone know how I can get in touch with him in the hopes of moving forward ?...   Thanks a lot !

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For any new Reatta owners reading this post.... there were 3 different headlight switches used during the 4 years of production. 

1988-89 Same switch and it was also used on the same year Riviera that did not have the twilight-sentinel.

1990 is a one year only switch..... it is the only one with the fog light switch at the bottom 

1991 is similar to 1990 but the fog light sw was moved to the front of the center console and in it place twilight-sentinel was added. 

Riviera 1990 - 1993 used the same headlight switch if the Riviera had the extra cost twilight-sentinel. 


As a side note.... you can use a 1991 -1993 Riviera/Reatta headlight sw in a 1990 but you loose use of the fog lights and the twilight sentinel does not work on a 1990.

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