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Show your Reatta at Auburn Ind.

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If you do not read any of the other Buick forums, then you may not be aware of a couple of things....

The dual Charlotte/Cleveland meets this year have been canceled.   

Here is an option...... 

I would love to tell you I plan on going but that all depends on my wifes health.

If I can, then I will be there with the 91 coupe....   Auburn is a good choice if you have never been there. 

It is not a very big town and you might need to stay in Ft Wayne.   The ACD museum is a must see for any car person and behind the ACD museum in the old Cord factory is the National Truck and car museum. 

That is were the 1988 Reatta convertible prototype resides today....it is also one of the best overall car museums you will ever visit.  You will not see a bunch of Tri-5 Chevys, Mustangs, or other cars that most museums have, what you will see are a lot of forgotten cars and trucks.  They also have a room full of scale model cars.   Look them up on the internet and make plans to go to Auburn .....July 1-3   if at all possible I will see you there. 

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Right up the interstate with the most stolen sign from Indy.

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