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Information about 64 Electra

Wayne R

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Could someone with  expert knowledge,  tell me ,---does this model come with  emergency foot brake

red dash light,---when brake is applied on.----similiar to  the 65 Riviera i owned years before.

Reason is if it does not  come factory fitted , i intend like to fit  such a light.---

my car has still not arrived in ausy yet.----many thanks     Wayne.


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15 hours ago, Wayne R said:

Thank you  John,----will check   when it arrives.



Wow! That is a fully optioned  Electra you got there!  Good luck with that car.  Looks like a cool ride! 

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On 4/3/2021 at 9:51 PM, avgwarhawk said:

Yes. It will have a red dash light for the emergency brake. 

Many thanks augwarhawke----Wayne.

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