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Lincoln but what year and what body?


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2 hours ago, edinmass said:

Coachwork looks European to me.

Hmmm, trying to pin down the filming location by the product signs above the mystery Lincoln:


"Veedol" & "Mobiloil"       =  a pair of American oil companies


"Pneu Michelin"             =  the famous French tire manufacturer


"Kudrnac Everit"            =  a Czechoslovakian tire maker 


"Doko"                            = a Japanese magazine for gay men...


This must be some movie!



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4 hours ago, AndrewSydney said:

That was filmed in Prague. The whole film is on youtube.


Here are a few scenes of interest to car enthusiasts:








WOW. I've seen more coordination and synchronicity in a 1:59 A.M. line dance leaving a local bar than that bunch of Rockette-wannabes walking the plank! Nadia Comaneci and Simone Biles have nothing on that lead "dancer" and her St. Vitus-inspired entrance. Who contorts their arms like that to place them on their hips unless they've been racked by The Spanish Inquisition?


Esther Williams they aint. 


But yeah, some decent scenes of post-war/pre-war Prague and contemporary autos and trucks!

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