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1990 cluster part number

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So my 1990 cluster has failed, what a suprise. Anyway i’ll be ordering a new one from eastcoastreatta either today or tomorow. I talked to my mechanic today in hopes he would know someone who can repair my old cluster so i can have an extra, and he gave me a company, specmo to be exact. Well i want to get a quote on the repair price and if they still can but they need a part number, and my broken cluster wont be coming out until i have a new one in hand. Thanks in advance

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38 minutes ago, GARY F said:

Is this a car, truck, motorcycle? Any picture.?


I had the same reaction until I got to the part about "eastcoastreatta", which pretty much tells you what it is.

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On 4/2/2021 at 10:15 PM, Larry Schramm said:

Marck Barker is a good guy and very helpful.  Do you have an early Reatta with a CRT, or a later model with without the CRT?  Specmo is in Michigan in just north of Detroit. 



Here is a link to their site.


Hey, my new cluster came in and i was able to retrieve the part # from there. Im located in michigan just north of detroit about 30 from specmo and i will be bringing it to their location once i have installed my new cluster. Thanks for the information 👍

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