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WTB 1916/17 6 cylinder parts

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Just reaching out again to try and find some parts to get my engine completed.

Need :

Exhaust manifold 22191

Lifters 17503

valve caps 16733 and 16744

These parts were lost when the previous owner pulled it from a shop. Never returned.

Trying to put another old Stude on the road again!

All leads appreciated.


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You have be more specific.Part numbers etc.

I have some 1916 parts but they are inventoried by part numbers.

Model number of your car?

6 cylinder or 4 cylinder.

Pictures may be hard to find because these parts are missing but the parts manuals have pictures.

Contact me at studebaker@mac.com if you need parts books.

Robert Kapteyn

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Hello Robert,

I have never seen a parts manual for the integral head cars . Do you have one?

I bought a operators manual from you a while back.

I have a parts manual for 1919 /1920 but the engine parts are different.

1916 series 17 ED 6 cylinder.



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Thank you Stude Light,

These early parts manuals must be fairly scarce as I have never seen one.

I have added part numbers to my original post.

Now all I have to do is cross my fingers and wait!

Appreciate any leads or parts engines.

Thanks again,


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