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69 Corvette L89 199,995.00 or Offer

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So an L89 is not an L88 but they do trump a garden variety 427/435, right?    A real Corvette guy can explain the nuances of the engines but I believe this is a fairly significant car at a very significant asking price.  I'm thinking the "partial tank sticker" is pretty important but I don't see a picture of  it.




Own a piece of history with this 69 Corvette Roadster L-89/435 HP, 4-spd with real red line tires and P02's. Riverside Gold, Black interior with black top. Frame off restoration, Bloomington Gold, NCRS top Fight, Triple Crown, Bloomington Special Collection. Same owner for 31yrs with partial Tank Sticker. Tilt and telescoping wheel. This car is also in the L-89 Survey


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The L89 option was aluminum heads on the L71 427/435 engine--same horsepower rating, just 60 fewer pounds over the nose. It doesn't say anything about matching numbers, however. At that price, it should be matching but if it were, you'd think they'd advertise it. Odd...

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Certainly a rare one and that alone can command the hefty price tag.  Nice color combination, limited options but not nearly enough info or pics in this ad to draw a serious buyer at $200K.  Two sentences about the car, four paragraphs about the dealer.  Far too much, easily available info and pics missing here. 

The number stamped on the engine pad matches what is listed as the VIN but I agree, the glaring omission of those dreaded words "matching numbers" may just be too much of a liability for some dealers to bother with today.


What really strikes me as odd here is the setting for this two hundred thousand dollar collector car.   I often ponder what makes some people choose the setting to photograph their cars when they decide to sell them.  An oil stained back alley, next to a dirty gutter like this one?.... real nice.  Unlatched hood and convertible top,what?  Was the photographer too rushed by the garbage truck waiting to grab the rat filled dumpster in the background, to let him finish snapping his photos?   Whether some realize  it or not, ambiance has a great deal to do with how many buyers perceive a car and it's owner and how it's been treated.   I'm very fortunate to live in a sunny climate year round, so when I decide to sell a car, I just park it under a couple of palm trees on a bright day.  A guy in Nebraska loves it and just knows it was probably owned by one of the Beach Boys! :lol:

 If this dealer is marketing cars in this price range he really should know better too.  Most do.  Harwood's listings are a good example.  Same game, totally different strategy.  I usually look at most of his ads and never have to ask for "additional pics".  Setting is clean and professional looking, plenty of info.  I really believe this '69 Corvette could benefit from that same type of exposure.


I came across this Corvette for sale on CL a couple days ago.  What could possess the seller to choose a setting like this for his car ....parked on the railroad tracks?  18 pictures of this car parked on the tracks.  What is the message here?  Buy a Corvette, live dangerously?  Be a scoff-law like me?  I can get away before the train hits me?   Live fast, die young and leave a real messy corpse?   I'm just too thick to grasp it.   

Could it be Snidely Whiplash's car?  I know old habits die hard, but please!






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