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34 Dodge DS

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I’m not a Facebook user so I can’t access any information about your car. Tried and failed, I’m probably not the only one with that problem, so just a heads up.

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Did you actually post your info in this Facebook group?

Northwest Hot Rod Junk Buy, Sell, Trade

Because that is where your latest link goes...    Only people in the Northwest can 'try' to join this Facebook Group...

If they allow me to join, I'll see if there is a way to upload more info...

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Jack, I joined your Facebook group and can access your post on Facebook.  Only people who join the Group can see your post - you cannot link that post to this site - because the link is to ALL the posts on that Group forum.

I will copy the text of your post here.  And I can post some of the pictures here - but not all 26 photos.   You will need to answer questions on this forum - because many folks on this forum don't use Facebook, and those that do are not likely to bother trying to join the Facebook Group (AND, the Group moderators only accept people that live in the Northwest).  Good luck with your sale.

Post - Quote:

Post on Facebook forum by Jack Marontate
1934 Dodge DS
Listed 6 days ago in Newberg, OR

Not driven in many years.
I think it is complete.
Someone has put side mount fenders on it so it has seven wheels.
Have hub caps and trim rings for at least six.
Have all the hardware for the side mounts.
Tires all hold air.
Brakes are tight on at least one wheel.
Last owner (five or six years ago) got it to fire with a prime but didn't run it.
The DS is on a longer wheel base than the other 34s and you can see that the rear most side windows were deleted making this kind of a poor mans limo. But is a high end Dodge.
There was only 1397 DSs built and an unknown number were convertible sedans.
Makes this a pretty rarer car.
Have title.
Contact thru messenger.











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Thank You Classiclines.

I am not much PC literate. And I don't use Facebook very often so don't know the rules.

When I wrote up the ad I put it in several groups including that "NW hot Rod junk" group just to get exposure.It is also in a couple of Dodge groups including the Dodge Brothers Club. (I think)

The pics you included pretty much show the car and if anyone is interested I will answer any questions or supply additional pictures.

Car is very solid and I don't see any rust issues at all.


I have trailers and can deliver if its not to far from me.

IM004604 - Copy.JPG

IM004605 - Copy.JPG

IM004606 - Copy.JPG

IM004612 - Copy.JPG

IM004620 - Copy.JPG

IM004621 - Copy.JPG

post-121135-0-04183600-1447622326 - Copy.jpg



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