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That's Funny! Center cap bolt right through main journal. 😁 That should keep flying parts stationary! 👍

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I'd read somewhere that there was never a failure, due to over revving, of an engine with a 5-bolt main bearing cap.  As a matter of noncertitude,:rolleyes: these engines never experienced failure of any sort ... except, perhaps, to start.




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err I thought the Rock Crusher was the M22, M20 was a normal wide ratio & M21 was close ratio.

Rock Crusher was so named because when driven it sounded like it was crushing rocks (straight cut gears).

Can tell which by the number (or lack of) grooves on the input shaft.


ps If buying make sure you get the late one with a large cluster gear shaft, the early small shaft Muncie was best knows for littering drag strips with its gutz.


Could go on for a while, won't.

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