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1928 Chevy Pickup...... REDUCED $3K to $15K

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Older body look, more modern brakes, steering, running gear & suspension.... great for year-round use... southwestern truck...

denver.craigslist.org/cto/d/tyrone-1928-chevy-4x4-custom-pickup/7308086090.html          PRICE REDUCED to $15,000  4/14/21

Will Trade for original, survivor, ir ilder restoration of a 1929-1934 Driver.... what do you have to offer....?







Many more photos in ad......





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I guess that nobody, that lives in the northern, snow country .....  That loves vintage trucks...... would have a use for a good, working 4X4 truck ..... around their farm or ranch...???  😏

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Sunny I think we've gotten soft and would rather drive something with air-conditioning, blue tooth and heated seats. I like driving with my arm hanging out the window and that would be difficult with the seats set back that far. 

That's a nice looking truck and hopefully someone will buy it from you.  

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Fossil.... The seats are back that far because I am 6' 4".......   but they slide forward about 6 inches... and you can hang your arms out if you want..... It does have 1929 air conditioning, ( the windshield & side windows roll down... and blue tooth can easily be installed..........  I'm 77 ... and I know what you mean.....😏

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Your 7 years older than me and 2 inches taller so we are on about the same page. 

I do like the looks of the vehicle and I'm sure it would go down the road faster than my DeSoto. Did you do the work?



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Fossil... 7 years older...?....... that means I'm a Dinosaur.   Yes I did the work, from the Frame splicing/lengthening/boxing.... to brakes, wiring, body work, upholstery, paint.... It is what a man with very limited income HAS TO DO.... (it all himself)    I love the creative process, but don't care much at all about ownership... so I have had , over the years, with many projects.... to sell the previous one to have the funds to create the next one....  I would like to trade this one, or with the money from this one,..... to have one last Original driver that I didn't build or modify, as my last vintage car ( 1929-1934) 😏

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