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4 new in June 2019 never mounted 650 x 16 bias ply 4" white wall Deluxe All Weather tires. Ordered incorrectly from Lucas Tire and not noticed until I unwrapped them 2 days ago. 

Current retail is $250 each. $200.00 each owns them. See pics. They still have the blue protective coating. Thanks.    John        Located in Iowa 50632100_3324.thumb.JPG.acb4ac449caf2d91e2bc164104779338.JPG100_3325.thumb.JPG.5684f0e519a173edb7b9fddef109cdd1.JPG100_3327.thumb.JPG.e0de063d887c79979014b65b61da2f7b.JPG

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Can be delivered no charge between Des Moines Iowa and Biloxi Mississippi  in early June. 

Don't hesitate if you want them.   John

                                            SOLD   SOLD     SOLD

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