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1930 DC Dodge 8 Phaeton windscreen pillars

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Kevin BC here


These are pillars off a Australian 1930 DC Dodge 8 Phaeton, that I am doing up, have not done a  car with folding windscreen before, my question is "Should the tapered wedges sit flush with the faces of the pillar" , or should they be a little proud.

Question 2 is "How and what fastens the bottom two pillar pieces together, there is a thrust washer on the outside that has a CS screw in it , but does this screw,  thread into these thrust wedges or does it have a nut on the inside of the pillar.

The gaping hole in the centre of the old wedge is connected with getting the vacumn to the wiper, so I,m presuming a nut on the inside of the pillar, with perhaps another thrust washer. This piece comes from another Dodge pillar I have, so that is why it isn't a good fit.The pillars came minus the fittings so I have been scrounging the bits, have got all the top pieces, its mainly the securing method of the lower pivots that I'm short of information


Does anyone have a photo of all the bits needed.


Kevin BC

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