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According to the Encyclopedia of Motor Cars it states, "The Drake Six only appeared in prototype and was projected in two touring models which were to sell at $2195 and $1195 respectively". So if they only produced two prototypes, I would think that chances of them being still around are pretty slim. It sounds like they sold stock to the company, but the company never got off the ground. 

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From a historical perspective: Immediately after the end of WWI and everyone for the most part had returned from Europe and "normal" was back this would have been in the 1920-22 era. People in the service came back with $ because the pay they were receiving couldn't really be spent as they were to busy, there wasn't stuff to buy etc. where they were. Demand for vehicles soared as everyone wanted a new or newer car ( same happened after WWII when prices of cars went crazy and dealerships got what they wanted $ wise with no discounts) SO after WWI a lot of new car companies were started and put together as fast as possible, many only lasted a year or more due to lack of supplies, lower quality in haste to get it finished etc. Lots of locally built cars on offer as the long term car companies that had been in business before WWI were working as fast as they could to provide the dealerships and public with their product. Lots of great ideas with not enough thought or skilled craftsman to see the finished product really be a valid machine. Not a lot of $ to spend on elaborate sales literature, PR for newspapers, examples at auto shows for the "orphans".

If you are researching an obscure little known make that only had a life span of a few years you need to take all of this into account and not be disappointed that a lot of information can be supplied now over a century later.

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Company History 
WF Drake had experience with the Southern Automobile Manufacturing Company . He founded the company in 1921 in Knoxville , Tennessee . The aim was the production of passenger cars , trucks , tractors , tires , bodies and metal parts. Cars, trucks and tractors were made from 1921 to 1922. The brand name was Drake .

A total of around 10 to 15 cars and one truck have come down to us. The tires came from the Firestone Tire & Rubber Company , contrary to the initial intention .

The Four had a four-cylinder engine . The chassis had a wheelbase of 254 cm . The only structure was a touring car with five seats.

The Six had a six-cylinder engine of Herschell-Spillman . It made 57 hp . The wheelbase was 323 cm. Five-seat touring cars and five-seat sports models have survived. A touring car with seven seats was made for the silent film actress Mildred Reardon .

1921 Drake Six Automobile Actress Mildred Reardon ORIGINAL Photograph

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