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Truck Wreckage Mystery.

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Hello car experts, 


I was recently hiking in California near Pushwalla Palms and Hidden Horseshoe and came across the rusted and mangled wreckage of an old truck. I'm trying to identify the make and model, but I know very little about antique vehicles - I hope one of you can help.


I didn't take a photo of the whole truck, only the Serial Number I found on the chassis. See attached photo. The wreckage was at the following coordinates 33°49'39.2"N 116°16'53.0"W 


It's a mystery that I think has a slim chance of being solved, but there's a story about what happened to this truck and it just might be fascinating!


A Curious Oddity




Screen Shot 2021-04-01 at 3.05.25 PM.png

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That's not a "serial number", that's the casting number for the exhaust manifold. 620954 is an exhaust manifold used on 1934 to at least 1948 Dodge flathead six cylinder engines.

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1 hour ago, SC38DLS said:

It was dropped from a UFO!  😳

Checks out. There were several crop circles in the palm groves nearby. 



1 hour ago, auburnseeker said:

Looks alot like a flathead 6 Dodge manifold and block. Anything besides that left?  My guess would be possibly 40's to mid 50's.


Thanks for the great information. There was pretty much a full (but thoroughly messed up) frame, but I was so focussed on the casting number I forgot to take a picture of the entire thing 😑. It was nowhere near a road and pretty much looked like it drove off a cliff. I hope the aliens beamed the driver up before impact. 

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Looks like trash left from a movie scene of it driving off that cliff.


That was common. When Buster Keaton made ''The General'' the bridge blew up and the train fell in the river, they just left it there until the state of California went after him and got it removed by court order. During the same filming, they also started a brushfire that burned for days. The environment was of little concern back then.



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That's the one!! Great find. 


Yeah. The terrain is awesome, it looks completely barren but it's spotted with "hidden" oases that sprout where the springs are


18 hours ago, mike6024 said:



Is this the same one? Someone else photographed a wreck in the same area.


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On 4/1/2021 at 6:59 PM, mike6024 said:

That's a river bed that is always dry, except when there is a huge storm that dumps many inches of rain.


I'd bet it was a victim of a flash flood..  


41 Dodge truck btw according to the bottom section of the grill exposed. It's upside down in the photo 





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