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Clutch Buick 1936, 66C

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 I am changing the clutch on my Buick 1936 66C. I can´t remember how the clips for the clutchbayering are placed. Does anyone here has a picture which shows how the clips are fasten? PS: The shopmanual dosen´t have any good pictures/explanation. 


Lars. H

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Hi Lars,

This is the best illustration I can find of the 1936-37 Series 60-80-90 Clutch.


I'm not sure which clips you are referring to and you may be able to indicate them on the parts book illustration.


We would love to see some photos of your car.


Some photos of the clips you have for the clutch would be helpful to work out how they are fitted.



1936Century (2).jpg


I suspect this is a bit modern but is this the sort of information you are chasing



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