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Hopefully he is just busy with his family and life in general after a busy year building his new garage and all.

Would be good to hear from you sir and let us know you are spared from the virus though.

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@55 SURVIVOR, @Mudbone, @dei,  I am still here everyone!  It's pretty cool to see that you all were thinking of me.  Dei hit the nail on the head.  My beautiful Wife was so gracious with the new garage.  So, about 2 months ago I wanted to return the favor.  I made a suggestion that we go ahead and completely redecorate the living room/hallway.  That's what I have been doing all this time.  A lot of work.  The good news is that I finally finished and a couple days ago, I managed to get back into the garage to part out the parts car.  I will be posting really soon.  Thank you all!


Also, we are all healthy over here.  We live a bit like "hermits" so not too much of a big deal.

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