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‘49 Super


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Not sure why linky not worky for some, it's a facebook ad.



Ready for restoration. You are looking at a very nice 1949 Buick Super. Please be advised this car is not a Roadmaster Facebook has no listing for Super and I could not publish without a model name. This is a very solid car with no rot, some minor rust , dings and scratches but no major damage. The Interior is all complete . Some of the side glass is cracked, but the windshield is good. This car features the great Buick straight 8 engine with no knocks, taps, or smoke. The transmission is the Dyna flow and it shifts well. There is a nice solid brake pedal and the car stops and steers well. Please email for more information or appointment to see this great car.


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Thanks for the posting.  Well must confess, we don't belong to " Tracebook " cause data mining and face recognition, doesn't give us much of a rise ...  but the link will work if you sign in / join / give email etc, etc.  

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