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March 2021 Speedster

Peter Gariepy

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March 2021 - Volume 147
In This Issue...
2021 AACA Annual Convention Update
We Hope This Gets Your Engines Revved Up About the Auburn Show
Membership Corner: Planning Your Activities Calendar
Honk Rattle & Roll Tour Includes Boats and Fords
My Fully Restored Olds 98 -- a True Gem!
Accidents Happen: Car Wreck Photos
New Event to Support the AACA Library
Steve Rossi's Old Car Quiz
New Building Photos
Benefits of Consigning Your Vehicle
AACA Will Participate in Spring Carlisle
See You in Charlotte Next Week
Chain of Lakes Tour
Attention AACA Judges: We Need YOU!
Host Hotel for Saratoga Springs Show Filling Up Fast
Things Are Looking Better For the Vintage Tour
Visit the Most German City in America This Summer
Revival AAA Glidden Tour Celebrates 75th Anniversary
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By Stacy Zimmerman, Speedster editor, szimmerman@aaca.org
Last year, my opening article of the March Speedster was the first time I mentioned the global pandemic and COVID-19. Shutdowns were underway everywhere and events were being canceled left and right. The AACA National Headquarters had been closed the week before and all of the staff were sent home for what we thought at the time would be a few weeks. Construction on our new building also came to a screeching halt because of the shutdown.
The 2020 March Speedster was my first newsletter done completely from home. Little did I know that I would end up doing 10 more newsletters from my dining room table before returning to the office. In that newsletter, I ran my first "Cool Car Ideas During the COVID-19 Shutdown" article focused on what some of you were doing to pass the time during this unusual situation. I must say, all of you really stepped up and outside of your box to come up with very unique ways of keeping your members engaged in the club and hobby during 2020. I really came to love receiving those emails and publishing those stories.
In the issue, we announced the winners of the February Winter Nationals in Miami, FL, which would be our last show for quite a while. The AACA staff, Board of Directors and the local regions/chapters hosting National events worked together all year to try to figure out how we could possibly have any events -- or even if we should have events at all. The final decisions always came down to the health and safety of our members, so for that reason a majority of our events were canceled.
In the issue, we also suggested you buy some car-related jigsaw puzzles to fill all of those extra hours you were going to be spending at home. We asked you to connect with us and other members through our Facebook page and online forums.
My main goal with Speedster has always been to keep you as informed as possible about everything AACA in a timely and easy-to-read format. But during this past year, I felt my responsibility shift a little. I felt like I also needed to use Speedster as a vehicle to lift your spirits up, to keep you entertained and to simply put a smile on your face, even if it was just once a month. I sincerely hope that I was able to accomplish that task in some way for each of you. We appreciate you sticking with us through all of this, and I am very thankful you continue to open Speedster every month.
2021 AACA Annual Convention Update
Williamsburg, VA  --  June 3-5
861591d0-af61-478a-96dc-c701d027c0a9.pngFinally, we have nailed down a location to have this year's convention and it is a very special place in this country's history. We are going to Williamsburg, VA. This rescheduled and abbreviated convention will run from June 3-5, 2021.
Our host hotel with be the Doubletree by Hilton Williamsburg. To make a reservation, either call 1-800-222-8733 or go online. Be sure to mention our special code "AAC." The hotel is a short distance from a lot of interesting sites including Colonial Williamsburg and Busch Gardens.
As of this writing, we are feverishly putting the final touches on the event schedule, but it will include a Thursday night reception at our First Couple's car collection which will include food and drink. Friday will include the First Lady's Breakfast and a few possible seminars. Friday night we had planned for a celebrity guest who is now unable to make it, but we are working on a replacement so stay tuned. Saturday will include judging schools, the annual membership meeting, and our black-tie optional gala to honor the 2020 National Award winners.
While our program will be condensed this year and void of some of the traditional dinners and activities, it will be a unique venue for those attending. It will be a great opportunity to visit Williamsburg, see the sights and maybe take in a traditional colonial meal! The hotel is honoring the room rate for those wishing to expand their stay and make a mini vacation out of it. We hope you will join us!
If you have already requested Annual Convention registration information be sent to you this year, you will automatically be mailed the registration form just as soon as it is finalized. If you would like to be added to the list to receive the registration form, please either send an email request which includes your AACA member number to Sue at seitnier@aaca.org, or call 717-534-1910.
We Hope This Gets Your Engines Revved Up About the Auburn Show
2e603b7d-c9a7-4f70-985a-0c152a65edf0.jpgCentral Spring Nationals
Auburn, IN
July 1-3, 2021
AACA is continuing the tradition of inviting other car clubs to join us at our national events and this year promises to be our biggest and best. The traditional show at Auburn Auction Park courtesy of RM Auctions will be held July 1-3 in Auburn, Indiana. Located on hundreds of acres with a LOT of asphalt and several large buildings, this property will allow us to do everything we need to do to host a safe event in a year still filled with some uncertainty due to the virus.
Auburn is the home of great car museums and wonderful countryside. The facility we use is directly off an exit on an interstate highway, so it is easy access on and off. There are plenty of hotel rooms in the vicinity as well.
Friday night we will have a cruise-in to downtown Auburn. Both the A-C-D Museum and the NATMUS Museum will stay open late for our car clubs. We expect to have a great flea market and car corral from Friday to Saturday as well and the cost for spaces is more than reasonable. Saturday's show will allow all of the car clubs to park separately, but anyone who is an AACA member will still be eligible to get their car judged even if it is parked with the marque club. Our world-class banquet by award-winning BBQ chef Tim Johnson and family will be held again, and anyone who has been at Auburn in the past can tell you it is amazing! Tim will also be serving breakfast and lunch on Saturday.
The Hudson-Essex-Terraplane fans have been invited and they will, as we have said, display their cars in a separate area. We have also been asked to invite Buick owners and provide a separate venue for the Buick fans to have a judged event. The awards are spectacular and unlike any you have ever experienced most likely! The Buick Heritage Alliance will be supporting the show by providing these very special awards. The traditional trophy awarded at national Buick meets by The NB Center for American Automotive Heritage in Allentown will also be awarded. Buick owners do not hesitate to register as we have room for more than 1,000 cars properly spaced and room to feed everyone. (In 2019, we fed 700 people in 25 minutes!) Again, you have a chance to be judged at both the Buick display and AACA on the same day! A late addition to our event is a group of AMC owners who will also display in a separate area and can register by calling 717-534-1910 and ask for Pat Buckley.
As a bonus to all non-AACA members, we have a special $20 half-year membership you can purchase as of June 1 which will allow you to be judged by AACA. We have more than 100 classes and special classes for unrestored cars, "driver" cars, motorcycles, trucks, etc. If you would like to review our Judging Guidelines, they can be found by clicking here.
Our goal for this event is to continue our mission of helping everyone in the hobby, not just our members. This is why our library is a free library and our website hosts other car club forums for free. This is also not the first time we have hosted other cars clubs as we have done this for many years. So, please consider joining us. Information will be available online at www.aaca.org/buickshow for the Buick folks and www.aaca.org for AACA members or by calling 717-534-1910.
Membership Corner: Planning Your Activities Calendar 
By Paula Ruby, AACA National VP & AACA National Membership Committee, paulaspackard@hotmail.com
Let's think about what the word activity means. The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines activity as a form of organized, supervised, often extracurricular recreation. It is an action to get people busy to pursue a pastime of recreation with family and friends.
I know that 2020 was a very difficult year to even think about doing things with a lot of people or traveling outside your hometown. With more and more COVID-19 vaccines being given, people are starting to feel a little more comfortable when thinking about getting out and about.
So, I think it's about time you start planning an activities calendar for the remainder of the year. I would recommend to region and chapter Presidents to listen to your membership. If you are still not having regular meetings, send out a survey to your members and ask them what activities they would like to do and are willing to participate in. Planning a calendar with things that your membership has done in the past will get things started, but let's also think about adding new events. 
Activities don't have to be costly. You can plan on having a membership meeting in a park where everyone brings a chair and maybe a snack of their own. After the meeting, you might want to go for a drive and maybe find a local ice cream location. This type of function will get people outside and together, while maintaining their social distance. Invite other local clubs to this function as well -- it could end up being an opportunity to find new members. Always be sure to carry membership forms for both National and your local region, so you can be ready to hand them out to anyone who's interested. If the weather is good, be sure to encourage members to bring their cars out, but their daily drivers are always welcome. 
Every region and chapter is going to have different ways to re-engage their members and get them comfortable with starting to do things again. We have been so secluded for a lot longer than anyone ever thought we would be. This is going to take time, but I can't stress enough how important it is to get everyone active again. It's not just good for our bodies, but also our minds and souls. 
If anyone has any questions, please reach out to me -- I would love to hear what your regions/chapters are doing to reenergize your members and build your activities calendar. Hope to see you real soon!
Honk Rattle & Roll Tour Includes Boats and Fords
By Tom & Barbara Collins, Murfreesboro, TN, cet@comcast.net
The first Honk Rattle & Roll Tour of 2021 is in the books! We had 29 folks on the tour and what an age range in attendance, from the youngest at (nearly) 15 months to Tom's mom who is (older than Tom)!
It was a beautiful drive to Woodbury under a clear sky with the snow-covered hills glistening in the bright sunshine. The roads were clear with no troubles from the snow and ice from earlier in the week. Tour guru Russ made a 'Plan B' to avoid some of the less traveled back roads and had already road-tested this new route to be sure all would be in the clear!
After a quick rest stop in Woodbury we arrived at The Wooden Boatman's place. He designs, builds, and restores fine wooden boats, and counts singer Alan Jackson as one of his customers.
Refurbishing one of these classics includes rebuilding the hull, making any needed structural repairs, engine rebuilding or replacements, upholstery repair/replacement, plus any other needed work. It's all done right there by one man in his shop.
We viewed boats that were in the process of restoration and an as yet untouched boat ready to be started on. Travis had pictures of boats he has designed and built and explained the processes he uses to bring these boats back into prime condition.
Leaving his shop, we headed to lunch at DJ's Pizza and Steakhouse in Woodbury. They were very accommodating in keeping us 'together, but separate' in their outside enclosed and heated patio space. They specialize in pizza and Italian meals, but have a varied menu, excellent burgers and sandwiches, and great service.
Once all were finished with lunch, we hit the trail again heading toward McMinnville and Third Gen Automotive. This family owned and operated shop stocks, sells, refurbishes, rebuilds and repairs all manner of '30s, '40s and '50s Ford autos and parts. They have quite a collection of spare parts of all kinds, including fenders, wheels, engine parts, etc., bumper to bumper (including the bumpers)! Many parts are refurbished originals, but he also has NOS and new parts. You can pretty much find anything you need down to the correct nuts and bolts that hold things together!
There were also several cars in the shop that he was in the process of working on. One of his next jobs involves going to Michigan to pick up a few cars from a collection that need to be refurbished for sale.
With selling parts mostly through their website, they are kept busy packaging and shipping parts all across the U.S. and the globe, plus doing restoration work on customer (and his own) antique Fords. In his spare time, Michael is searching out old cars, parts, collections, and anything else he can find and procure for the old cars.
They hope to be holding an open house and antique car meet later this year and he has promised to invite us back for that.
Member Submitted Story 
My Fully Restored Olds 98 -- a True Gem!
By Phil Gaffney, Evans, GA, pgaff2609@aol.com
I purchased my very first automobile on October 30, 1965, from Hesselgesser's Auto in Grand Island, NE, for a grand total of $110. I was only 15 years old at the time.
My dad had insisted that I be responsible for the purchase, and as I did not have sufficient money in hand that day, he ended up co-signing my loan note with CIT Finance. My payments were $11.25 per month for 12 months. I ended up driving that awesome buggy all through high school in central Nebraska.
When I elected to take early retirement in late 2009 from a senior executive role with the world's best golf car and utility vehicle manufacturer in Augusta, GA (Club Car/Ingersoll Rand), my first project was to travel back to Anselmo, NE, to load up the Olds from the trees on the family farm and bring to Georgia for full body-off restoration. Three and a half years later, the restoration was complete, and I had returned the Olds 98 to its "original condition."
The car continues to run superbly, especially when I'm on I-20 going to Atlanta from Augusta at more than the speed limit!! My wife Susan and I are looking forward to our next adventure in the Olds 98 just as soon as things get a little better with the COVID-19 situation.
Vehicle Details: 
1953 Oldsmobile 98 4-door sedan with 303 cu. in. engine, 
factory installed Frigidaire a/c, Hydra-Matic transmission
Original and Restored Colors: Olds Baltic Blue and Olds Polar White
Full Restoration Cost: My wife will never know!!!
Accidents Happen: Car Wreck Photos
By Matthew Hocker, Librarian & Volunteer Coordinatormhocker@aaca.org
At the AACA Library, staff are continuing to process the vast collection which was formerly under the stewardship of the Free Library of Philadelphia. We still have a long road ahead of us, but that just provides us more time to make unusual discoveries, such as a box of car wreck photographs from the 1950s and earlier. This stuck out to me, as the AACA Library also has a file devoted to the subject.
While the photographs in the collection primarily date from the 1930s through 1950s, the history of the car wreck stretches way back to the 19th Century. The first recorded car accident dates back to 1891 in Ohio City, OH, when James W. Lambert lost control of his single-cylinder vehicle after hitting a tree root. He then careened into a hitching post. Fortunately, Lambert escaped the accident with minor injury.
As car ownership continued to grow throughout the 20th Century, so too did the number of car accidents. The photographs in the collection are but a small snippet of this history, showcasing the types of situations that would facilitate the development of safety measures in the automobile industry.
One of the images in the collection that stood out to me was of a fire engine in front of a streetcar with a demolished front-end. An accompanying newspaper clipping detailed the accident happened in the city -- most likely Philadelphia -- on 22nd and South Streets. Fortunately, although only the trolley motorman was hurt, there were no casualties.
If you are interested in learning about the Free Library of Philadelphia Automotive Reference Collection, be it these photographs or owner's manuals, please reach out to us. We'd love to hear from you!
Interested in doing research with the AACA Library?
More information is available on our website
You can also contact our library director, Chris Ritter, 
at critter@aaca.org or 717-534-2082.
When visiting the Hershey area, 
don't forget to visit our booth at 
New Event to Support the AACA Library
Trivia Question
In 1969, an American automaker headlined an upcoming press launch in Arizona with the slogan "That's all, Volks," in an attempt to bolster media attention. And a year later, another U.S. competitor urged buyers to compare "against the foreign devil, inch for inch, tooth for tooth." 
Who were these desperate companies, and what new models were they introducing?
or scroll all the way to the end of the 
Speedster to find the answer.
New Building Photos
While the unpacking and organizing continues at your new AACA Headquarters, I will plan to give you glimpses inside to hopefully whet your appetite for a road trip to visit us sometime in the near future... Enjoy!
Inside Library Signage
View of the Atrium from the Board/Meeting Room
William Eggers' Historic Reproduction 1895 Duryea
Board/Meeting Room
1955 Kurtis 500-D Belanger Race Car
1908 Oldsmobile Limited Prototype
1959 Ford Galaxie Town Sedan 
(50-millionth Ford produced)

1935 Hupmobile
We are looking very forward to the day when we can welcome 
all of you into your new beautiful AACA National Headquarters.
REMINDER: If you haven't made a donation to the AACA Building Fund yet, 
it's not too late. Every dollar helps! For information on how to donate, visit capitalcampaign.aaca.com or just call AACA National HQ at 717-534-1910.
Benefits of Consigning Your Vehicle
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