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Stewart Carburetor for Dodge

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I have a brass Stewart Carburetor, made by Detroit Lubricator, that says its a "Dodge" model.  Last patent date is April 22, 1913.  I am wondering what year Dodge this carb is for.  Any early Dodge experts know?   Thx, Richard


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Hi Richard,

     I am not a Dodge Expert but,

The clip on the float bowl top indicates that it is before 1923 (I think) as the later ones had two screws.









However the bell crank on yours is mounted on the side of the intake elbow with the butterfly horizontal so this is an example of the very first version of the Stewart Carburettor fitted to Dodge cars, my estimate would be 1915.

My 1917 and later cars had the bell crank mounted on the top of the intake elbow with the butterfly vertical.




If I am mistaken please see the opening sentence.







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The earliest Stewart Dodge carburetors have an offset in the throttle body. It is a 90 degree with a double twist. After maybe a year, the twist was removed, and the throttle body remained a 90 degree, but without the twist. I cannot tell from your picture if the twist is present.


There are more differences, but haven't thought about these for maybe 25 years, and too lazy to dig them out of storage to look at them.


If you are trying to identify to sell; the early carbs are quite scarce, but much more common than an owner who needs one ;)



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