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NOS 1989-91 Owner's Manuals

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Got all years and plenty of each and will throw in for free two NOS Brochures...your choice


picture shows stacks of them: 1989 on left, 1990 in the middle and 1991 on the right


1989 Brochure is undated 9 X 12, inches, 24 pages, blue cover




1990 Brochure 9 X 11 inches, 13 pages, black cover



Also still have some NOS service manuals too.....will cut the price if you buy the owners manuals too



25.00 plus shipping


I take paypal or Credit card


480 966 6683






Bonus: you can fill out the Customer Arbitration form and see if you get any compensation. Just tell them 

you forgot to file it back in 1992. If this works out let us all know.

Where did I get these you might be thinking ? I ordered them from Chrysler when the cars were still new and lots of parts too.



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