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Had a buddy in HS with a Demon.   Always liked the idea of a 340/stick car.   This is kind neat.






The sizzler edition was only made for 7 months in 1971, Tag code A59.. estimates range from 1200 to 3400 were produced rear seat was taken out to re do, also have a replacement rear seat that needs upholstery, I have the factory A/C unit that mounts below the dash but I have never had it installed so don’t know it’s status. Lots of other parts shown in picture. Dash is in great shape, did not screw tac to it, built a mount. ** Confirmed the engine turns over, did not have enough in battery to start**


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Wow, that is an uncommon muscle car! I can barely remember the "Sizzler" edition, but I do remember it...as a 13 year old who read car magazines in 1971. I think the Demon had a slightly better looking front end than the Plymouth Duster, which it is obviously related to. I wouldn't think you'd see many of these at shows nowadays. Cool.


Can you imagine a company naming a car "Demon" today? I can't. Thanks for posting.

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I always preferred the Demon over the Duster as well.  

I am not familiar with this "Sizzler" package at all but it appears to have been a sheep in wolf's clothing package with Mom's 318 under the hood! :lol:

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