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For Sale: 1922 REO SPEED WAGON SPEEDSTER - $8,900 - Cornell WI - Not Mine

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For Sale: 1922 REO SPEED WAGON SPEEDSTER - $8,900 - Cornell WI

1922 REO SPEED WAGON SPEEDSTER - cars & trucks - by owner - vehicle... (craigslist.org)

This is obviously not a Rolls what it is is a 1922 REO Speed wagon Speedster it is a 6cylinder with a 3 speed manual Transmission, It runs drives and stops. it is good overall condition . 36,625 actual miles. comes with several manuals and spare parts If you google 1922 REO speed wagon Speedster this very car will come up the last time it was for sale. Possible trade for a different classic car? Price $8,900.00

Contact:   Lowell  text:  (715) 8-two-7-one-3-7-two

Copy and paste in your email:  42e65e262f7d36c2bfe281a6c8acdd27@sale.craigslist.org

I have no personal interest or stake in the eventual sale of this 1922 REO SPEED WAGON SPEEDSTER. 

Note:  The REO Speed Wagon was a truck model, this 'speedster' started life as a 1922 REO T-6 touring car, lost its rear section likely to become a pickup truck.  This would be a summer fun rig to run around in on nice days.

'22 REO MN a.jpg

'22 REO WI b.jpg

'22 REO WI c.jpg

'22 REO WI d.jpg

'22 REO WI da.jpg

'22 REO WI e.jpg

'22 REO WI f.jpg

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I was a bit puzzled by the  " Speed Wagon " description as like you say this is a Reo T - 6 car, not a Reo truck. Not too messed up. A person could reasonably easily bring it back to a standard touring car . Seems like not too bad a deal.

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The "Speed Wagon" description is what the seller posted, its not accurate since the terms were actually utilized by REO as a name for and to promote their trucks.   The 1922 REO T-6  description is in the interest of accurately identifying what the car is that this conversion is based on.

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I still have my 21 REO T6 Touring for sale.  Selling to pursue a 24 REO T6 Touring (7 passenger) that my dad owned back in the mid to late 70’s.  If anyone has interest drop me a line.  Located in suburb of Chicago.  Thanks.


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